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Canapro and Canasat


The CanaPro product, in its new version, now includes not only the monitoring of the sugarcane growth and climatic conditions throughout the harvest season but also the available area for harvest (Canasat).



In 2014, Agrosatélite was contemplated with two grants from the Human Resources Training Program in Strategic Areas (RHAE) of the Brazilian Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq).

Monitoring of forest for charcoal production


The growing concern with the preservation of native forests in the Amazon biome has led civil society to sign different sorts of agreements to eliminate the practice of new deforestation in the Amazon.

CanaPro New developments!


CanaPro is now integrated with an online geographic information system which provides information about the cane field development and rainfall (observed and predicted) on a local, micro-regional and sub-state scale. This is in addition to the information previously provided at the state level and for the entire Center-South region. Now CanaPro also offers customized options for analyzing a specific region, plant or group of plants, offering a set of periodic analyzes of local conditions of the plantations. Contact us!

Soy Moratorium now at Agrosatélite


The monitoring of soybean expansion in the deforested area of the Amazon Biome has entered a new phase this year. After four years of methodology development and validation at INPE, the Agrosatélite team has in partnership with ABIOVE, assumed responsibility for monitoring the level of soybean expansion in recently deforested Amazon areas by using satellite images. It is a further Agrosatélite initiative applying geotechnology to benefit agricultural production while enhancing environmental transparency.

Canasat 2014/2015 is ready!


Canasat is now at Agrosatélite! One of the world's largest mapping and monitoring projects of agricultural cultures will this year turn 11! The project was developed by the Agrosatélite team during their time at INPE and has received both national and international scientific recognition for the benefits it has brought to the sugar-energy sector.