Development of geographic information systems

Agrosatélite is a specialist in the development of geographic information systems (GIS), and it uses its capabilities to create the most suitable software for the needs of its clients, made to order.

What GISDev delivers

  • The combination of information technology, remote sensing and geoprocessing in softwares that are tailored to generate the geographical intelligence that the client needs to make decisions.
  • Systems to facilitate the client’s use of geographic intelligence, systematizing data processing activities in a more efficient, automated and integrated way.
  • Cross-reference information extracted from satellite images with geographic data in a simple and practical way.

Potential clients

Sectorial organizations that represent producers and industry, consultants, foundations, NGOs, governments, banks, credit unions, investment funds, grain traders, refineries, meat packers, and manufacturers of agricultural inputs, machinery and implements.

What is offered

The software in the GISDev line can be delivered in different ways: for installation and configuration by the client (code, files and documentation); installed and configured by Agrosatélite (ready for use in a productive environment); or even implemented and configured so that Agrosatélite can monitor and manage the system. The software can also be produced to run online (web environment), on smartphones (mobile applications), or on desktops.


Consists of software with web technology. It lends itself to the development of online geographic information systems, webmaps, decision-support or land-management software, as well as interactive maps and mapping APIs, among other possibilities. This model does not require installation — the systems are used directly in web browsers.


Software that is installed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Among the possibilities are portable geographic information systems, webmaps, decision-support software, interactive maps, field data collection systems, as well as other applications according to the needs of the client.


These programs are designed to adapt geographic information systems to the client’s needs, such as automated data acquisition and processing routines, digital image processing, integration with geographic databases, among other aspects.