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Canasat is now at Agrosatélite! One of the world's largest mapping and monitoring projects of agricultural cultures will this year turn 11!



SIMFaz - Farm Monitoring System, is a system that allows to evaluate and monitor real estate and rural properties, providing information ...



O SIMFaz - Sistema de Monitoramento de Fazendas, é um é um sistema que sistema que permite avaliar e monitorar imóveis e glebas rurais...



Featured among the 34 biodiversity hotspots of the world & accounting for more than half of the soybean production in Brazil, the Cerrado biome stands out for its environmental..



The monitoring of soybean expansion in the deforested area of the Atmazon Biome has entered a new phase this year. After four years of methodology development and validation...


Irrigated Cane ANA

Sugar cane has been a major source of Brazilian agricultural wealth since the colonial period and has played an important role in society and the economy.....

A agrosatélite produz inteligência geográfica utilizando tecnologia e inovação para propor soluções aos desafios da produção agrícola e a conservação do meio ambiente.